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Make security simple for everyone

MailRisk allows your colleagues to check if an email they received is safe, or if it is sent by someone with bad intentions. In an engaging way, supported by both gamification and artificial intelligence, users contribute automatically to helping more people to stay safe online.

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Unique and local threat data

MailRisk handles email which has already passed through spam filters and anti-virus. Thanks to human suspicion, we can collect the most recent data about the biggest threat to the enterprise, and offer IT managers a brilliant cloud service for following up on these.

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Realistic simulated scam hunt

MailRisk allows your colleagues try out their skills as scam hunters in a safe environment. With our simulator, those who detect the scam attempt can be immediately rewarded, and simultaneously experience how MailRisk helps them out in real situations.

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Leaving users on their own is risky

  •   Most security breaches are due to human error.
  •   Email is part of nearly all cyber attacks.
  •   Security training can often be forgotten.
  •   Many will rather click than ask for help.

Still, people are your last line of defence. MailRisk turns them into security champions.

‒ Saves time on security help

MailRisk ensures efficient awareness and help with suspicious emails among employees at the energy and communications company Tussa.|Read how →

«MailRisk offers a unique way for both employees and companies to detect and respond to targeted email threats.»

Outstandig Security Performance Awards

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Example of campaign material for MailRisk.

Example of campaign material for MailRisk.

Security and people aligned

By involving people in the security work, MailRisk contributes with an entirely new toolbox to build your company's digital security culture.

Driven by gamification we create fun touch points between IT managers and any other employees. We offer also original campaign material which effectively makes MailRisk a common focal point for the security work. Always with an award-winning positive edge, all year around.

Read about our philosophy: People + Policy + Products = Secure Practice

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