Offer immediate help with suspicious emails.

Learn by hunting real scams

MailRisk allows people to learn whenever motivated, and those experienced can easily contribute.

Always feedback

If MailRisk cannot immediately offer a satisfying response, it is simple to ask for a manual email check-up from our experts.

Build security culture

MailRisk uses gamification to engage colleagues for a joint effort for security. When people share their suspicions with MailRisk, they are helping each other out in a quick and fun way to combat hackers and scammers.

Engage everyone to secure use of email

Ensure that people get the help they need to stop scams.

MailRisk becomes a shared focal point to internal security work, which everyone in the enterprise sees every day. Always with a positive edge, all year around. Never more than one click away.

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Simple to install and use

MailRisk add-in for Outlook is installed for all employees with only a few simple steps, and stays up to date forever.

MailRisk works equally well in Outlook on both PC, Mac, webmail, iOS and Android.