Detect even advanced threats in record time.

The most immediate threat intelligence

Dangerous email appear in the inbox because global spam filters are too far behind. MailRisk offers unique visibility for threats which are passing through.

Samtidig som en e-post er markert som mistenkelig, kan vi kontinuerlig søke etter bekreftede trusler. Naturligvis gjøres dette på tvers av alle våre kunder også.

Threat data from end users – effectively combined

Our unique cloud service collects data about people's suspicions, and the MailRisk robot ensures access to actionable information in real-time.

Because our confirmed threat data are available across our entire customer base, and we also integrate with a lot of external threat data sources, we can classify emails in record time, and enable follow up on suspicions with impressive automation.

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Full visibility for IT managers

Administrators get access to our cloud based portal to monitor and follow up on emails and threats which are analyzed by MailRisk.

Here you can always find the data you may need about suspicious emails which are reported by your colleagues.

«MailRisk offers a unique way for both employees and companies to detect and respond to targeted email threats.»

Outstandig Security Performance Awards